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Best Medical Billing Training Pricing in the Industry

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Exceptional Training at an Unbeatable Price

Have you considered getting into the medical billing industry? As one of the most lucrative and quickly growing industries, it’s difficult to understand why anyone wouldn’t! COVID-19 brought about a worldwide shift in the ability to perform their duties anytime, anywhere. At the Business of Medicine, we believe that everyone should be able to take advantage of that flexibility and freedom by starting a career in medical billing.

We’ve priced our elite training course at $17,500, with $500 down, to be the lowest you’ll find in the industry — period. With an expected profit timeline of 60 to 90 days post-training, the potential to begin supplementing your current earnings — or replace them entirely — is unlimited. Sign up and begin your medical billing training today!

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Program Valuation of $25,000


Now Pay Just $500 Down!


Financing Options Available


Medical Billing Software Included

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Why Choose Our Program?

  • Up-to-date training and resources

  • Our medical billing course is offered in small groups

  • No need to call toll-free numbers or outsourced sales and support representatives

  • We help you customize your business’ marketing strategy as we train you

  • We’ve been in your shoes and put our expertise to work for you!

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Taking Control of Your Future Has Never Been Easier

If there’s anything that the COVID-19 pandemic taught us, it’s that job stability and a recession-proof income are two of the most important and valuable things a person can work toward. The medical billing industry is growing at an explosive rate, and it’s no surprise that many companies are selling outrageously-priced courses that don’t teach you any of the skills you need to be successful.

At the Business of Medicine, we put you first. We don’t sell you by promising unrealistic profits or relying on second-hand materials to develop our own. We are medical billing business owners ourselves, and everything you’ll learn from us has been distilled from years of industry expertise. We also teach skills such as contract negotiation and marketing basics, making it easy and affordable for you to springboard directly into running your business, all at a price lower than you’ll find anywhere else!


Why Medical Billing?

As we briefly mentioned above, the medical billing industry is extremely attractive due to the fact that you can do it from anywhere. You don’t need to be in an office, or work a nine-to-five, to turn a profit. As a business owner, you set your own schedule and can work around your family’s needs, take breaks when you want, and enjoy the benefits of true work-life balance.

As a business owner, you’ll also be looking to turn a profit on your investment, and you’ll be glad to know that the medical billing industry is among the most lucrative you can enter, especially as healthcare costs soar and primary care providers look for alternatives to increase revenue.

Interested to see what you could make as a medical billing business owner? Use our profit calculator to find out!

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About the Business of Medicine

Val Bassi, our founder and CEO, started her journey into the medical billing business more than 10 years ago. After spending more than 20 years working on someone else’s schedule and wondering if there was a better way to make ends meet and spend time doing the things she wanted to do, she quit her job and began learning everything she could about medical billing.

If you’re here, you’re probably in a similar position. You know that a medical billing course is your first stepping stone to unlimited potential, so why not take the first step toward your future today?

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Medical billing outsourcing is projected to near approximately $8 billion by 2026. There’s never been a better time to break into the industry than right now, and you won’t find a team more dedicated to your success than ours.

Enroll in our five-day course and start your medical billing training today!

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Best Medical Billing Training Pricing in the Industry

Start Your Career in Medical Billing Today!