Healthcare Billing (For Providers)

Val Bassi - CEO

Claim Submission - We process claims daily and nightly to ensure our providers receive the revenue in a timely manner as expected.

Practice Revenue Management - We have adopted to the new model of becoming an extension of your office. Our staff will come into your office weekly to ensure all billing, payment posting and any provider updates are handled immediately. Again, this ensures no disruptions in revenue.

Payment Posting - Payment posting is done daily by our A/R staff to ensure patient accounts are up to date and patient payments can be collected at the patients next visit to alleviate costs of patient statements and aging A/R.

Accounts Receivable Reconciliation - A/R is reconciled monthly to ensure claims processing and payment posting is streamlined with the practice's bank statements to ensure quality assurance of commitment to providing excellent revenue management services.

Insurance and Patient Accounts Follow/Up - We are...